Unlock your Business Potential

With Walmart Vriddhi!

Come on, #LetsGrow

Unlock your Business Growth

With Walmart Vriddhi!

Come on, #LetsGrow




Walmart Vriddhi is a comprehensive growth and training program that helps MSMEs modernize and scale their business for domestic and international markets. It leverages the technological capabilities and pan-India reach of one of India’s leading digital commerce entities, Flipkart and the global supply chain expertise and international best practices of Walmart.

Vriddhi offers tailored learning content, solutions, and experiences to MSMEs adapt and equip their businesses to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

Develop essential and advanced business skills via a customized learning platform, starting with strengthening general capabilities.
Connect with global best practices, local peer networks, and trusted business solution partners, receiving personalized advice from industry experts.
Grow through advanced coaching, with access to online and offline opportunities in domestic and international markets.


Vriddhi helps MSMEs unlock their entrepreneurial capacity to thrive in a local and global marketplace.

Self-learning curriculum

Expert business advice

Opportunity to sell online or offline

Opportunity to grow to join global supply chains

Access to Flipkart and Walmart’s deep expertise

Opportunity to engage with a local network of peers and mentors

Comprehensive curriculum to enhance professional expertise, at your own pace.

Expert advice and guidance to improve revenue and profitability

Dedicated account management support to help unlock your business’ online potential

Opportunity to grow your business through multiple channels, markets and export

Access to Walmart and Flipkart’s expertise and online, B2C, B2B & global export opportunities.

Opportunity to engage with an extended network of peers and mentors in local communities

At Walmart Vriddhi, we partner with MSMEs to unlock possibilities based on their aspirations.


Vriddhi Cares is an initiative by Walmart Vriddhi to help MSMEs manage the health and business impact of COVID-19 through the right knowledge and resources.

Vriddhi Cares, in partnership with CovidActionCollab, has helped the MSME community to overcome challenges during the pandemic through multiple initiatives. MSMEs can access webinars and health advisories to know how to best protect their families, workforce, and businesses. A dedicated Response to COVID-19 training module is also available to enrolled MSMEs.


In partnership with Swasti and


(Daily 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m IST)

(Available in English, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil)

Vriddhi Cares brings you a 12-hour daily helpline that can help your workforce access medical assistance through tele-consultation including COVID-19 home management guidance, counselling, and vaccination guidelines.

Past Webinars

New realities require new knowledge and thinking. We have been conducting interactive webinars to disseminate information to MSMEs on topics of relevance to help them adapt to the new reality.


Business growth through data-driven decision-making

We discussed how MSMEs can measure and analyse data accurately, use the right reporting tools and leverage analytics to make decisions that can help their business thrive.

Vivek Jyothi

IIM-B Alumnus, Business Advisor and Consultant


Managing Supply Challenges

To assist MSMEs in adapting to supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered insights on themes like demand shocks, the lean thinking approach, forecasting, and quality assurance, all of which may assist MSMEs in remaining relevant in today's economic climate.

Dr. S. Narasimhan

M.S. Ph.D., Principal Consultant and Coach, The Lyceum


Take Your Business Online

We discussed how MSMEs may build up their digital brand presence to expand their business online, now that it is the ideal moment to leverage the benefits of the internet and establish an online business that stands out from the crowd.

Vedanarayan Vedantham

SME and Startup Business Head, Razorpay


Overcoming Workforce Challenges

Given that establishing a performance-driven workforce is critical for a business to be consistently successful and thrive, we shared ideas on effective workforce strategies that may provide a firm foundation for MSMEs, helping them boost innovation, maximize productivity, and reduce expenses.

Aneesh Chandran

VP- Corporate Development, SAHI by LabourNet


Growth is Survival

With the pandemic threatening most businesses' development and survival, we offered advice on how to cultivate a growth mindset to help businesses stabilize, secure, and thrive during these trying times.

Samir Sathe

EVP, Wadhwani Foundation


Mental Health and Wellbeing

We talked about how COVID-19 affects the mental health of entrepreneurs and their employees, as well as how they may enhance their mental wellbeing during these tough times.

Bhavani Arun

Life Coach and International Master Trainer


SIDBI Financing Support for MSMEs

We discussed the various financial products and new schemes (AROG & SHWAS) launched by SIDBI for MSMEs, to help them with the required financial support in the fight against the second wave of COVID-19.

Sanchita Majumdar

DGM, DCV- SIDBI (Lucknow)


Insurance Connect for MSME Workforce

To help business owners facilitate insurance cover for their workforce, we gave a detailed overview on availing the various life and health insurance schemes by the Government of India.


Training and Wellbeing Specialist, Swasti


Digital Marketing for MSMEs in the COVID-19 era

To help MSMEs grow their business’s digital presence in the COVID era we shared insights on the tools that can amplify their brand in the digital space.

Vedanarayan Vedantham

SME and Startup Business Head, Razorpay


Workforce Protection

We discussed some of the best practices to maintain workforce safety and business guidelines for MSMEs to tackle the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Sakthi Arasu MD

Consultant, Division of Occupational Health Services, Department of Community Health, St. John's Medical College, Bangalore


Medical advisory for factories

We gave an overview of the current COVID 19 scenario in the country and shared insights on workplace safety, vaccination, self-care, and caregiving tips for those infected.

Dr Angel Princy. D

B.D.S, M.P.H
Program Manager, i4We (Invest for Wellness) Factories, Swasti

Dr Bhumika Nanda

Health Technical Lead, Covid Action Collaborative



More than 60 million MSMEs make up the backbone of India’s economy, contributing to 30 percent of GDP and almost 50 percent of exports. MSMEs will play a critical role in building a resilient and a more diversified economy for India, also supporting its growth as a global manufacturing hub.
Walmart and Flipkart have made a long-term commitment to transforming India’s MSME ecosystem.

By combining Walmart’s global scale and supply chain expertise with Flipkart’s homegrown innovation, we are empowering MSMEs across India with new, future-ready revenue streams.


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